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What a Predicament: Predicament Perils for Pleasure and Pain With Ms Nikki Nefarious

Predicament Workshop With Nikki Nefarious

Predicament Workshop With Nikki Nefarious

What a Predicament: Predicament Perils for Pleasure and Pain, taught by Ms Nikki Nefarious, is a rope centric interactive class to explore various positions and techniques for predicament bondage. This class caters to both beginners and experienced ropers; and covers safety, basic bondage instruction, and effective yet safe positions.

Predicament bondage is an interactive and fun way to add excitement to your play scene by forcing the bound bottom into

a position where they are faced with the choice between one uncomfortable position or another. This class will feature various diabolical methods for predicament bondage. You will want to bring a notebook! You will also want to bring ropes and a willing partner if possible. Individual students are also welcome. Feel free to bring a mat as there will be lying positions taught should you wish to follow along. As in all of Ms Nikki Nefarious’ classes, this will be interactive and hands-on, each couple will receive face to face time with the Instructor to ensure you are doing the ties correctly and safely.

Ms. Nikki Nefarious:

Nikki Nefarious, also known as Ms Nikki Nefarious, is an award winning photographer and rope bondage rigger. She began her career as a photographer and performer at various fetish events throughout the South East, including Purgatory the Show. Her photography brand, Altered Aperture, has become a hallmark for her original styling. Nikki Nefarious won third place as Best Rigger at the Bondage Awards 2008.

The former webmistress of socialkink, Nikki Nefarious has performed live bondage and suspension demos at fetish events such as the Exotic Erotic Ball in San Francisco, and is a guest rigger at sites such as CostumeCuties.com.

Nikki Nefarious performed the first ever live bondage demo at the Skin Two Pre-Pervy Party USA in 2008. Her photography has been published in several niche publications such as Skin Two, BME, and Skin Art. Nikki Nefarious was a runner up for Violet Blue’s Top Ten Sexy Geeks 2007 and was a contributor at the nerdcore blog.

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